Assistance for Homeless

In the context of assisting the vulnerable, the church has seen fit to attend its poorest Christian building his house. This action will continue to create the expectation or hope in the hearts of those who are desperate. Nain Hope Gospel Ministries support community work for the construction of houses for the homeless occurrence vulnerable people


Most street people have an interesting relationship with the world's religions, because they are constantly being offered help and counsel from the local chapters of every temple imaginable. Furthermore, the homeless have a lot of issues that most religions try to answer:

"Who are we?"
"Why am I suffering so much?"
"Doesn't anybody care?"

While everybody asks these questions, the crisis of homelessness perhaps cranks up the heat a little. It's interesting how being in basic survival mode every day can still leave you enough room to be philosophical and spiritual. A lot of social workers and street outreach people would say that basic needs should be a priority; funds should go primarily to blankets, food, shelter, etc.

We have a gret role to show the love of Jesus Christ to vulnerable people by help them to build their home.

Many poor people need small help and orientation for a sustainable development. What you call little money can change someone's life today

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