First training on how to care child done on 5th -7th March 2018 by PHARP-Rwanda in Partnership with Open Home Foundation International at Nain Hope Gospel Ministries.
During this special time, the pastors from differents denominations have been trained in how to care the child.
There were present the guests from New Zealand Madam Carmel Hurdle and Mr Christopher Olsen. In beginning the guests presented the Vision and Motto of their organization : Open Home Foundation International.
The program focused on :
-OHFI Vision
-Children's need
-Models and Methods
-Care and Protection
The participants learnt that the children need many things to grow into happy capable adults.

Love & warmth

You can never spoil a child with too much love. Showing warmth and affection builds trust, positive self-esteem. and strengthens your relationship.

Limits & boundaries

Rules keep things safe and fair for the whole family. They need to teach mostly ‘what we do' rather than ‘what we don't do'. They need to work for everyone - for children and parents.

Talking & listening

Talking with kids and really listening to what they say makes them feel heard and builds their confidence.

Consistency & consequences

Consistency involves predictability. From an early age, children learn that an action has consequences.

Guidance & understanding

Children are more likely to co-operate when they understand why we want them to do something. Clear, simple, explanations are the most effective.

A structured & secure world

Safe, supportive environments provide security and reduce conflict.

  To learn more about children's needs, feel free to visit  International Open Home Foundation website
 In Partnership with Open Home Foundation International, PHARP-Rwanda organized a training of three days held at Mahoko on 5th -7th March 2018 for the pastors from different denominations.

After training , the pastors have been given the Certificate of Recognition.
 Senior Pastor of Nain Hope Gospel Ministries gave thanks to the special guests from New Zealand for the wonderful teachings that will help each of us to care the child. It was pointed out that some people done abuses  to children without know it. But thanks to this teachings many mistakes will be corrected and "Every child in the world will belong to a family and community where they are safe and loved, receive good health care and education, and know that they are loved by God through Jesus"- Vision of OHFI.
 Pastor Jean Felix gave to the guests the wonderful gifts of books " Understand God's will for my life " written by brother Jim Harper -the Author.  The Pastors were rejoicing to receive the gifts of books and many of them declared that they were blessed and committed to pray for our guests and our UGW ministry.