The wonderful celebration that everyone loved

Great Lakes Evangelical School of Theology

On the 23 February, 2018 the first cycle of three years has already finished. For a couple of three years ago, Great Lakes Evangelical School of Theology was established. In the beginning, the pastors-students were not sure of this school because many of them had already suffered irreparable disappointment. In other words, this school was coming at the right time.

Many people went to Uganda, and others to Tanzania to seek such as school of theology. The students came from much different religious organizations so to be trained in discipleship. Some of the beneficiaries received the free goats for rearing, the bikes and many spiritual messages so to motivate and assist them. The school gave to everyone the free materials and the free copies of courses have been given to the pastors. They have been trained so to fulfill the Great Commission as It is written in Matthew 28:19.

It was great celebration. Hallelujah!!!!!!! All people were full of joy.

The five first pastors vis-a- vis their quotations, received the Diploma in Theology and all others got the Certificates.