Our History

God placed a vision in the heart of Pastor Jean Félix UWUMUREMYI, Leader in our denomination to plant a new church in the fastest growing city in Rubavu District, Western Province, and Country of Rwanda. The Lumière Afrique Ishimwe Ministries partnering with Nain Hope Gospel Ministries sent three hundreds Bibles with Pastor NDORUHIRWE Second of sharing hope in our Ministry.

Pastor NDORUHIRWE Second was the first coming to Nain Hope Gospel Ministries just in second week of beginning. The Pastor from Kenya arrived soon after. Pastor Ronald IMBAYI along with his families came into Nain Hope Gospel Ministries in mid-November, 2012. Several other families, who left jobs and homes, soon joined the staff team to help plant this new church. God had invited these families to join in His activity in Nain Hope Gospel Ministries.
The first gathering was August 28th at Nyakabungo village, Kanyefurwe Cell with thirteen in attendance. Even in the very first gathering it was obvious to all that God was doing something that was much bigger than one church. How could people that evening from Nyundo to Nyakabungo, from Nyakiriba to Nyakiriba, from east to west , have met so precisely in time with such a common goal and common spirit? It was an exciting experience to be involved in what had begun long ago in the heart of God. What had been a mere vision was becoming reality.
The year 2013 was marked by several very miraculous church events. The church begins, it’s time to organize and administer a new organization created. It was prepared thirty Christians from the remaining to the diaconate. Training began, the fasting prayers, seminars and crusades were intensely organized for better prepared. The church was in need to have a responsible pastor capable of organizing and directing the parish that was recently created. It was obvious because the number of Christians is increasing day to day. Pastor Jean Pierre HARERIMANA and his wife have been chosen by the Holy Spirit for this function. Unforgettable day of the ordination of pastors and deacons is organized July 25, 2013. To this day, the men of God from different religious denomination were invited: pastors, Evangelists, choirs. The Lord Jesus proved that day that it was He the Head of the Church.

Shortly after, September 14, 2013, baptism of 45 people, women, and men are baptized.
Before baptism, July 14, 2013 the church was blessed. For the first time, the church hosts the Missionary Nathan Benke from USA. It was a blessing to the church Nain Hope Gospel Ministries. Several miracles occur, according to the message he left us: “Thank you so much for inviting us. I feel so welcomed. God has a great design for you. Keep your eyes to the great King of King Jesus. Hebrews 12:2. He will work great things in this church in every life in this community in Rwanda and all in all worlds. He loves each of you”.
During this year 2013, the church has hosted many servants of God after the Missionary Nathan Benke . We can cite Pastor Etienne Gato from Kanama Baptist Church, Pastor UWIMANA Peace from Rugerero Evangelical Baptist Church and others.
Nain Hope Gospel Ministries has got some important certificates which allowed us to operate in Rwanda.

-2012 : We get a Provisional Registration certificate N° 002/2012 from Rubavu District which allows Nain Hope Gospel Ministries to start its activities.

-2013: We get a Recommendation Letter from Rubavu District which allowed us to continue the registration process in the Rwanda Governance Board. (Recommendation Letter N° 030/2013

-2014: We get a Temporally Certificate from Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) which allows us to operate in Rwanda N°146/RBO/RGB/2014

-2018: We get UBUZIMAGATOZI Certificate from Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) which allows us to operate in Rwanda. (Icyemezo cy’ubuzimagatozi bw’umuryango ushingiye ku idini N° 76/RGB/RBO/LP/02/2018)

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, the first General Assembly of "Understand God's Will Church in Rwanda" was held in Rubavu-Rwanda under a great climate of enthusiasm and prayer. On this day our dreams became a reality. All members who attended were all in great joy for the launch of our new church.
It has been more than five years since they did the Lord's work in a ministry called Nain Hope Gospel Ministries, but the Rwandan Governance Board (RGB) in charge of management of churches had suggested that we separate church activities from the ministry’s activities as long as Nain Hope Gospel Ministries combined both ministry and church activities.
All members of our church have great joy in having Jim Harper as our missionary; Jim was with us in spirit as we launched our new church. There is something very special that God put in his heart. I miss the word to express our gratitude, only that we ask God to bless him and His family abundantly. We love Jim Harper and his dear wife Charlene, this was a message that everybody introduced with great and loud voices during our celebration when our pictures and photos were taken.
It was a wonderful day that we have been dreaming about and praying about for over 5 years. We now ask for your prayers so we may achieve our goal of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Rwanda, and beyond.