Protocol Ministry
The Protocol Ministry is a vital part of any church as it is primarily the activities of this ministry on which the image of the church is built. At Nain Hope Gospel Ministries, members of Protocol ministry are the first to meet our members and guests. We are responsible for making them feel welcomed, appreciated and special.
The Protocol Ministry is subdivided into four areas- Hospitality, Ushers, Parking Attendants and a Preparation Team. Together, we ensure that all the practical support that is required to facilitate worship in the sanctuary is provided to the honor and glory of God.
10 Awesome Tips for Church Greeters
Remember, the duties of a church greeter are more than a handshake. Feel free to share this list as long as you link back to this page
1. Smile
2. Fresh breath.
3. Make eye contact
4. Take initiative and greet.
5. Don’t ask “Are you new?”
6. Don’t ask “Is this your first time?”
7. Offer a bulletin if your church uses them.
8. Personal warmth — look like you enjoy welcoming people.
9. Say “I don’t think I’ve met you yet, I’m {insert your name here}”
10. If they are new, offer to show them where the restrooms are and offer information about childcare if necessary.
 Failures of Church Greeter
I know of a couple that quit going to church 4 years ago because no one said hello.
Another man told me his own story here: “No one said Hello”
Summary of the objectives of the Commission
Welcome all who come to worship
Distribute bulletins program members and direct them to the seats.
Know the signals used to communicate with the pastor and officiating during the service.
Count the number of men, women, youth and children present in the sanctuary each service and documented in the protocol specification.
Take information about all visitors and book them a warm welcome after the service.
Organize the table protocol which is exposed brochures, biblical literature, invitations, etc.
Take the offerings and tithes for the services.
Give the report of activities to the Pastor and Parish Council each month.
Provide an annual report to the General Assembly.
Schedule of Events
      Every Sunday during worship
During special events such as seminar, convention, Baptism service outside the church.