The Nain Hope Gospel Ministries initializes
the sport of cycling among the Youth.
Importance of Sports
A healthy nation is always a wealthy nation. Therefore, it is necessary to put emphasis on sports.

One can think of a healthy mind only in a healthy body. Both physical and mental well being are the prerequisites of great achievements in man’s life.

Sports is a category that covers numerous different activities. Many sports involve high degrees of physical activity (for instance, running or rugby) whilst others focus more on strategy and mental exertion (for example, chess is considered to be a sport).

Some types of sport involve playing in a team (such as cycling) whilst others do not (for example, running). Sports can be played for fun, or (as Olympic athletes do) at a professional level.

Sports has a great utility
Sports are the sources of recreation. They provide relief and a sense relaxation in a life of monotony of routine marked by miseries, hardships and hurdles. 
  1. They instill or infuse a sportive spirit to take up the heavy burden of life in a lighter vein and not to think of life either as a tragedy or a comedy but as the ordinary business of living. 
  2. It is very essential to maintain health and physical fitness. 
  3. It encourages the growth of team-spirit. 
  4. Sports and games bring about various methods of diversions.

Nain Hope Gospel Ministries is now training the youth for cycling on the bikes. It becomes the second team to operate in Rubavu District. It will help to mobilize many youth and children for the Gospel.